Pre-release (0.2.0) update

As promised in Looking at 0.2 (wip) (and btw refer to that for any info you don’t find here), I just committed a huge update on svn. What changed is more or less what I’ve written in previous post, but put together.

Speaking of that, it hasn’t been that simple, actually it has been hard…
I rewrote many files from scratch (’cause they were BAD) and also I completely didn’t care of the existing: if there was something bad in a file I won’t have touched otherwise, I changed (or rewrote) that. Most of final result is actually good but still needs to be beautified and, most of all, checked.
On the other hand I have to say I barely touch “vanilla” calise’s files (just few modifies to adapt them to the new profile configuration) and so they may be as buggy as the newer ones (or even more).

Again as promised, this commit is “stable”, that means it won’t blow your computer up or something worst, but still, it’s not stable to be released as 0.2.0. Code needs an accurate debugging and some ugliness needs beautifying.

Finally just a note: daemon behaviour and daemon and profiles syntax changed, refer to man pages and config/sample.conf for further informations.

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