DBus implementation & roadmap

With commit 228 232 (way better than first implementation published) on svn, calise *can* be called a service. I successfully replaced the http server with a full featured DBus based service (from now onward DBus is a dependency of course). In the end the whole thing came out pretty well and it’s stable as hell, even cpu and RAM usage are slightly less.

Now, I think it’s a good think to post a simple roadmap of what I will do with future releases:

  1. DBus implementation (already done :) )
  2. Own camera module that will be as simple as possible with autogain/auto-white-balance controls*
  3. Service GUI, the same of the interactive version one with service related controls

*right now, due to the poor options offered by pygame camera module (which is also experimental) only three v4l2 camera controls are available and autogain and auto-white-balance are not. Right now calise’s “core” is heavily limited by those two controls since they are able to change white-balance and exposure and, in certain machines, make any measurement useless.
The writing of this C module will be very difficult since my machine’s webcam hasn’t got the two controls specified before editable (btw it has auto-white-balance and autogain process captured images) so I will need to ask a friend to use his machine for some coding and *especially* for every test on the code (the bad thing is I’m not able to see him more than once/twice a week).

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