Own camera module

As I said I’ve just merged ~1800 code lines with a v4l2 camera python-C module.

It still needs a lot of tests since it’s the core of the core of the program. If you want to contribute adding your feedback just clone git repository
git clone git://calise.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/calise/calise
and compile/install as usual (pygame is not more needed but you need kernel-headers to compile the new camera module)

so far:

  • RAM usage is ~8MiB instead of ~16MiB;
  • the camera lock pygame module had did not show (at least not yet);
  • since my camera module is able to query/set camera controls, white_balance, autogain and backlight_compensation are disabled (and after the capture re-enabled) to get more precise captures;
  • Qt interface does no more run a subprocess, I made (awfully but works) it run inside as a normal loop function
  • more…
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