calise beta 0.4.0

  • CORE: Replaced PyGame camera module with a custom C python-module [1]
  • CORE: PyGame, NumPy and PIL (Python Image Library) dependencies removed
  • SERVICE: Fixed and enhanced usage as root
  • CALIBRATION: Global fixes and enhancements
  • GUI: Fixed “flickering” error caused by high number (>20) of backlight steps
  • TRANSLATION: Updated (non-service) Italian translation
  • OTHER: Added initd and systemd scripts (not tested outside archlinux)

[1] this itself carries a lot of enhancements (eg: less power, CPU and RAM usage; faster captures; …)

NOTE: Since I received a lot of questions on how does this or that works I decided to write a wiki. It’s really exhaustive, of course if you have questions feel free to ask but before check the wiki.
Also, anyone can edit wiki entries (after registration), just not be distribution-specific.
The link to the wiki it’s just left of the home link on the menubar.

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