Post 0.4.0 release patches

In the same folder of the 0.4.0 tar.gz package I uploaded 3 patches, here’s some explanation:

iss3543010.fix.diff: pointer from integer without cast (64bit) bugfix (useless, it was a request to being able uploading to Launchpad)
iss3543055.fix.diff: a bugfix for a bug that affected cameras with slow initialization time (on calibration step-6 only)
iss3540266.fix.diff: geoip city display on calibration (not a bugfix but since it was done I included it)

As you can see, if you had problems on calibration step 6 you should patch and reinstall the program.
Just for completion I’ll list some useful installation steps:

tar -xzvf calise-0.4.0.tar.gz
cp iss3543010.fix.diff calise/
cp iss3543055.fix.diff calise/
cp iss3540266.fix.diff calise/
cd calise
patch -p1 < iss3543010.fix.diff
patch -p1 < iss3543055.fix.diff
patch -p1 < iss3540266.fix.diff

then you can proceed with build and installation steps as usual.

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