calise beta 0.4.1

Just released calise 0.4.1, this release is mostly a bugfix one but comes with few great improvements that will enhance precision (in certain cases a lot).
I also wrote down some known issues that can be found at the bottom of this post.

  • CORE: fixed issue 3543010 (missing inclusion in camera.c) -> iss3543010.fix.diff
  • CALIBRATION: fixed issue 3543055 (calibration fail on step 6) -> iss3543055.fix.diff
  • SERVICE: enhanced feature 3540266 (geoip lookup) -> iss3540266.fix.diff
  • SERVICE: enhanced weather lookup
  • SERVICE: updated weather conversion definitions
  • CORE: changed screen compensation algorythm
  • SERVICE: fixed issue 3539286 (wrong/broken suspend/hibernate – resume behaviour)
  • SERVICE: added signal handling also for service version
  • CORE: fixed issue 3541919 (camera hung-up: look at issue bugtracker page for further infos)
  • SERVICE: fixed issue 3540981 (screen brightness not working outside session)
  • CALIBRATION: fixed a critical bug happened whan not connected to internet on calibration step 4 (geolocation)
  • CORE: fixed camera python c-module memory allocation bug
  • SERVICE: changed behaviour on some camera.Error exceptions
  • SERVICE: added a value check method to correct sistematic and progressive errors on capture values [1]
  • SERVICE: added process ‘niceness’ selective setting

[1] Because of this, most users will need to recalibrate since wrong values previously (< 0.4.0) included are removed and so average value will change (in certain cases even up to ~40/255).
Known issues (not easily fixable or not fixable at all):

  • Bad brightness percentage (up to 20%) if background behind user is unaffected by ambient brightness
    For example, this exact situation can be achieved when user’s background is the sky (eg. big window just behind the user) or big monitors (eg. your favourite 70” television just behind you)
  • Bad percentage (up to 20%) if the user (and not the background) is being hit by a single sunray
    Well, it’s not actually a program’s error, since the image captured is way darker than user (hit by sunray) perception.
    In these cases avoid sunrays hit you or pause calise and set backlight level to 20-25% more than calculated (current).
  • Issues when using lucid screens
    If any light source reflects (badly) on the lucid panel, higher backlight levels help contrasting reflection effects. This program won’t return higher backlight levels for these cases and so the user feels the backlight level being wrong.
    In these cases avoid reflections or pause calise and set backlight level to 20-25% more than calculated (current).
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