calise beta 0.4.2

New release is out, includes a fix for bug 3607544 (time not reporting and acting correctly) and other fixes of minor issues.

Version 0.5.0 is almost ready to be released too, actually it’s in testing stage and within a month will be ready and throughly tested.

Bug 3607544 was a serious issue occurring for every part of the world in timezones where localtime sunrise (and sunset) times occurred in a different GMT date.
For example the bug kicked out if localtime sunrise time was 6.00 am 28/06/2011 and GMT date was 29/06/2013.
It was a major bug because there was no way to manually tweak dates to fix it.
Now everything should be fine and, if not please comment here:

Sorry for the long absence, I will post about 0.5.0 release soon (or at least as soon as that’s ready).

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