Long time no see

It has been a while indeed, calise development more or less stopped in the last year (even more) and I didn’t write a word about it…

It’s few weeks now that I’ve had a bit more spare time and so I decided give calise a look after all that time.
It was not as bad as I thought but I was ashamed of myself because I left the stable version at that point (0.4.2) with version 0.5.0 almost ready on git. I’ve been using the “future” version for over a year now and I feel really bad knowing that I didn’t release version 0.5.0, that was just few hours away from being ready, back then.

So, after all the bla bla bla, yes, version 0.5.0 is just few work-hours to be published. I just need to fix some text-lines (and associated translations) and test the program on a few different machines.
For those who don’t care about correct text-lines (calibration passages can be easily misunderstood, beware) just get git-master branch (calise-git for archlinux friends).

At the start of the topic I said that development had “more or less stopped”, what you may be interested in is the “more or less” part because I still managed to start a complete rewrite of the code to improve performance and code readability/cleanness.
You can check current progress on the git-develop branch.
I would say the rewrite is more or less at 40% of completion and I don’t know how much will it take.

NOTE: I’m almost sure that version 0.5.0 will cut support for non-userspace and non-x11 environments, the first for security reasons, the latter just because it doesn’t make sense in my opinion.
Anyway, on the release post I will be more precise about that.

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