Nicolò Barbon: mainteiner, main developer

I live in Italy and I’m moving the first steps on the free-software community (after many years of proud free-software utilization).
Up to latest svn revision I’m the only developer.
If you’re Italian or you read well Italian, you can follow my blog at smilzoboboz.wordpress.com, and also I’m on twitter and identi.ca @smilzoboboz.


Nicolò started developing Calise actually months later he thought about it.
He used to work a lot on his laptop, in the late afternoon and/or evening after school lessons, and noticed that if he really concentrate on what he was doing, it was not unlikely that the sun was almost gone and his screen’s backlight was still set to maximum (bright day value).
After few months he decided to stop that shame and start developing the first camsensor pre-alpha in bash (as it was supposed to be like one of the daily useful linux scripts). Immediately bash revealed its limits so something more powerful had to be chosen.
As he learned only C at school, everything started as “let’s try some python scripting, maybe on something useful”. Since Calise (ex Camsensor) was his very first big project, early code was messy but after few months (and lot of code cleaning) at least part of the code is not that bad.

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