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Pre-release (0.2.0) update

As promised in Looking at 0.2 (wip) (and btw refer to that for any info you don’t find here), I just committed a huge update on svn. What changed is more or less what I’ve written in previous post, but … Continue reading

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Calise beta 0.1.0

Released first 0.1.x version of calise. I decided to shift version from 0.0 tree to 0.1 because of the important features of this new version. Actually I should say there is one important feature that comes with others great ones. … Continue reading

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Almost stable

The daemon is now almost stable, in a few days I should be able to run every needed test on the functions and hopefully clean a bit the code. I changed a few things on command execution, as daemon start/stop … Continue reading

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Daemonized but still “good”

Ok, I did not resist and I spent the past two days coding… I committed revision 190 on svn wich adds daemon support, and not a scrubby daemon… with pyEphem lib – supplying latitude and longitude – all “astronomical-related” parameters … Continue reading

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Preliminary data

I took all data I had, registred back than with calise, and I analyzed a bit. Here are simplyfied results for twilight condition before sunset #data based on my latitude (46° 4′), but I think they can easily adapted to … Continue reading

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