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calise beta 0.3.0

SERVICE: DBus service implementation [1] CALIBRATION: auto minimum backlight level check PROFILES: “Daemon” section replaced with “Service” (anyway with backward compatibility) EPHEM: horizon set from 0 (natural) to -6 (civil) OTHER: added pm-utils suspend script (NOTE: not installed through setup.py) … Continue reading

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DBus implementation & roadmap

With commit 228 232 (way better than first implementation published) on svn, calise *can* be called a service. I successfully replaced the http server with a full featured DBus based service (from now onward DBus is a dependency of course). … Continue reading

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You may have noticed that developement paused since January (and will be so till March). I’m a student and actually the only developer here, so if I pause developement to study for my exams, the project itselt will pause. On … Continue reading

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